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2018 Challenge Warm Up Cup

U10-14 games will be played at Lindsey Lyons and the U15-18 games will be played at Burroughs Park in Tomball.

All teams travelling more than 90 miles are required to stay in an Official Tournament Hotel and must make reservations through Events by Design.

Please do not contact the hotel directly, until you have received a confirmation email stating of your preferred hotels  your team has been booked.  Challenge’s travel policy states that teams and Warm Up Cup guests stay in a sponsor hotel AND be booked thru Events by Design to ensure the team rooms are properly accounted for and assigned. Save hotel reward points, Groupons or a discount travel sites for another visit so your team will be in compliance with the travel policy and your team’s eligibility to participate in the Warm Up Cup will not be at risk.

Review the list of hotels with their rates and amenities below under the Hotel Availability icon. When you are ready to book your team’s rooms, click on the On-line team reservation icon form below.

A link to the Challenge website and a Hotel and Field Map for the Warm Up Cup are located on the right side of this page.


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